Tree of Life Pendant

Tree of Life pendant, stearling silver 925

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Beautiful 925 silver pendant, representing a tree of life. This jewel is openwork to reveal your skin between the branches of the tree. Simple, sober and uncluttered, its design goes to the basics. Male or female, this tree of life pendant is perfect for you!

The Trees symbolize the power of life and its origins, the importance of roots and the development of life. Many people see it as an interpretation of renewal and eternal life.
The family tree to trace its past can also find its meaning here ... provide tree is provide stability "rooted" ...
The tree of life is very present in our society because they have existed since the beginning of history. Thus, the Bible, Kabbalah books or Mormons (to name a few) have included many references to the tree of Life.
But also in our contemporary culture or moult more books, movies or paintings speak or refer to the tree ... (eg Lord of the Rings and the tree of Gondor,..)

  • Indicative length : 35 mm
  • Indicative diameter: 25 mm