Silver fairy pendant holding an Amber ball

Fairy pendant in 925 silver, decorated with an amber ball.

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This beautiful 925 silver pendant is a very pretty silver fairy 925. This little fairy in 3 dimensions is front and back and is adorned with a beautiful ball of amber of the real Baltic.
Amber, native to the Baltic is a fossilized plant resin produced by conifers of the Eocene era.
Fairies are imaginary beings, of great beauty, able to fly in the air, cast spells and influence the future and often linked to nature and Love.
With or without a magic wand, fairies are often represented with longer or shorter wings allowing them to fly gracefully in the air
The fairies are now essential characters in literature and cinema, thanks to the cartoons of Walt Disney (The Tinker Bell, Cinderella ...) that has popularized them widely around the world.
  • Indicative Width: 30 mm
  • Indicative height: 46 mm
  • Indicative weight: 1.6gr